Author: Heli Katajamäki @helsuskat
Translator: Susanna Rönn @electricsuzy80


Buzzing Like a Bumblebee is a book of poetry that tells the tale of a bumblebee queen looking for a partner. Our protagonist, the queen, moves on from feelings of anxiety to attraction, from attraction to astonishment, and grows into an independent carver of her own path. The book is a coming-of-age story that focuses on such central themes of humanity as emotions, finding a partner, communicating in a relationship, understanding oneself and one another, as well as understanding and accepting dissimilarity. The book also approaches social themes, including the environment, exercise of power (leadership), digitalization, entrepreneurship, research, education, and war.


In addition to being the topic of some poems, the theme of research takes shape in the information text titled “The Inseparable Fate of Bumblebees and Human Beings” at the end of the book. The book of poetry is useful for identifying and reflecting on emotions by readers of all ages, interested in relationships. It can also be used to teach emotional skills or as a social discussion opener.

You can order the book Buzzing Like a Bumblebee directly from Ethene (delivery only in Finland). You can also find the book on Amazon, see for example amazon.de or amazon.com.